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Arid Lands


The following links will lead you to interesting sites on arid lands. By following these links you are leaving the site of the AALBG. The Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden can accept no responsibility for information contained on these sites.

  • The Arid Recovery
    Arid Recovery is an ecosystem restoration initiative based in the South Australian outback and dedicated to the restoration of Australia's arid lands.

  • IALC - International Arid Lands Consortium
    The IALC is dedicated to exploring problems and solutions that improve the lives of people living in the arid and semiarid regions of the world.
  • The Australian Rangelands Society
    An independent and non-aligned association whose members wish to see that the rangelands are used in a sustainable fashion for any purpose commensurate within their innate capacity
  • Malleefowl Community
    A community initiative dedicated to conserving Australia's native species.
  • A Negev Desert Botanical Garden
    The Negev desert in southern Israel forms part of the great Saharo-Arabian desert extending from the Sahara and the Atlantic seaboard on the west side of Africa, across the Arabian desert to the desert of Sind in India in the east.

  • Australian Desert Fishes
    Information compiled by the University of Texas



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