Water Conservation

At the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden

Water Fact:
The Visitor Reception building collects rainwater in a large underground tank for use in the kitchen, cafe and toilets to save reticulated mains water. Treated waste water from the building is used for irrigation in sections of the garden.

Water Fact:
In the Garden, water is used wisely in water efficient drip irrigation and conserved by use of mulches and by growing hardy and drought tolerant plants.

water recycling
water harvesting
Water recycling
Once used, water can be
treated and used over
and over again
Water harvesting
Water is collected and stored,
or directed into landscaped
recharge zones
drip irrigation
Drip irrigation
Promotes root spread and
stability. Can apply treated
waste or saline water
Insulates soil and roots,
reduces salt build-up and
evaporation to 70%
plant selection
soil conditioning
Plant selection
Arid zone plants are
specially adapted to use
water efficiently.
Soil conditioning
Organic material with
water-holding properties
can be added to soil.


A Underground water storage tank (with supplementary mains supply)
B Treatment system and pump
1 Roof water collected
2 Water supply from tank
3 Filtration and purification
4 Sewer waste water
5 Garden irrigation

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