Water Conservation


The true cost of water to Australians is now being recognised. Governments and industry are seeing water care as good sense for business and the environment.

How we all use and conserve water is an important issue, from outback to the cities alike. By using water sensibly at home and at work, we can help reduce demand for this precious resource.

In many areas of Australia, this means lower taxes on the community and industry and greater security for industries and jobs, which all depend on water.

In arid Australia water is our most precious resource and the wise use of water is of critical importance.

But being WaterWise is not something we can do for a while and then stop. WaterWise thinking and actions need to become automatic - the natural way we do things.

Find out more about how you can conserve water.

Acknowledgement: Text and image from the 'WMC Limited WaterWise program'.



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