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Bullock bush (Alectryon oleifolium)

This small tree grows up to 5 metres in height, has a dull, greyish-green olive-like foliage and a lifespan of approximately 600 years. The stem can form a twisted shape with flaky bark, and supports a neat, shady, rounded crown. Its common name alludes to its value as fodder for cattle, as it is moderately palatable. In the Roxby Downs region Bullock bushes are commonly seen growing in small groups on dune crests and near sinkholes, often representing suckers that have generated from a single individual. It has small flowers that lack petals, and the seeds occur in small, round, hard lobes. If roots are damaged the tree will sucker prolifically.

map legend Distribution of the Bullock bush in Australia.


Bullock bush


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