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The Special Interest Group in Planning and Programming at the Flinders View Primary School, Port Augusta, have devised a teaching program that links The National Statements and Profiles and The Key Competencies to The Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden. Thus, a school-visit to the AALBG may be prepared and undertaken within the parameters of the curriculum. The document consists of a theoretical section and a set of activities and worksheets for students.

With permission from the Flinders View Primary School we offer this document for download to interested teachers. Please note that this material is copyright and permission is granted only to reproduce relevant sections for classroom use.


  • Flow Chart
  • Overview
  • Links to Statements and Profiles - Studies of Society and Environment
  • Links to other Curriculum Areas
  • Links to The South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability Framework (draft document)
  • Links to The Key Competencies
  • Research Topics
  • Society and Environment Topics
  • Activities
  • Worksheets

Documents are available as Microsoft Word 97 and as Acrobat Reader files. The Acrobat Reader is available as Freeware from the Adobe website. Should you experience any problems in downloading, please contact Horst Weber.

Complete Document
(theoretical section and activities / worksheets)
(516 k)
MS Word
(512 k)
Activities / Worksheets only pdf
(312 k)
MS Word
(344 k)




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